March 09, 2009

when is my turn?

Hurmm untill now i dunno to answer when all my friend ask me when ur turn to get married...can somebody help me give the answer...really me myself dunno when..i just follow the flows of my life now.....when all the people said about married cm kacang jek kan..but for me its not easier when u decide to get many thing i have to think b4 i make a married we have to think for a long term..not for the short for me when i feel not establish in my life now how can i get married....i dont want when i married secara tergesa2 it will make me trouble after i n my fiancee try to do the best for our life ..we want to establish our financial, our job n so many think...then we will decide when we r getting married..we dont want berhutang to getting married..thats menambahkan beban after married....kitaorg bukan artis ade yg nk sponsor when cakap jek nk we have our own planning...len la if ade yg nk sponsor..maybe la lg cepat kitaorg kawen..hehe i think yg mane yg dah kawen mesti tahu all this thing one of my friend even muda pon cepat jek kawen coz ade yg they no need to think so many thing..just a little bit jek..if dh kawen len lak sure all the people will asking u another question...dah pregnant ke lom?confirm tertekan jek kan yg mane dh kawen tp lom ade anak..pendek kata seme yg kite buat org akan bertanya just buat x tahu jek if bile ade yg bertanye2...

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